Thursday, 19 August 2010

8 k and a howling leg

Hey there,

St. Peter seams to have a BAAAD week. Rain and "sunshine" switch positions every few hours, so I had to align my training schedule. I can't believe that it's already Thursday, time is racing.

Anyway yesterday I walked 8 k, not that much considering what my goals are. But my left leg was really unhappy about this walk. Around k 5 it started howling first the back thigh muscle than directly the inner knee than the knee cap, for good measure my front thigh muscle added a bit flavour to the crescendo and back to back thigh muscle. Wonderful.

The real thing that pisses me off, I've been to the physio about an hour before this crescendo. And she had loosened up my thigh and knee muscles, it hurt like hell and obviously my muscles thought: "Oh yes, this was fun, let's do it again while walking." Argh.

Anyway, I stick to my goals. Marathon, Triathlon, Ironman. Here I come. No matter what.

So today is Protein-and-Water-Day. Sounds bad? It isn't. Chocolate Milk(protein)shakes, Magnesium drinks and some yummy meat sticks on fresh salad. YUMMY.


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  1. Its been a long time that you have been injuried, I am starting to think maybe they are over looking something, its something else that they havent found.