Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Finally in "full job search mode"

I finally entered full "job search mode"and am back to my old pre-home-living self. (Feels damn good, if you ask me.)

Meaning, I'm doing nothing much else than looking for job opportunities and applying. No time for dilly dally and nothing interesting tri- or foodwise is happening currently in my life, so I barely have something to tell in this blog. (Or are you interested in the fact, that I threw away an old pyjama today?)

I'm sorry about this, I promise I'll post more again soon.

Tomorrow my physiotherapy is starting, so I'm hopefully back to running soon enough.
That means that I really need to get a job and move to a new town where I can get into a triathlon club and have new training partners.

The path to my new job?! I'm working on it everyday. Promise.

I wish you succesfull training and for the weekend that you rock your races.


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