Saturday, 14 August 2010

Things are looking good around here

Hey there.

Currently life is quite positive around here, even though it rains cats and dogs all day.

The reasons? (For the positive stuff not the rain.;-P )

#1 L-Carnitin seems to do the trick. Love that stuff, so tasty. You should try it.

#2 Manual Therapy seems to be the way to go when it comes to my joints and muscles. A million times better than any massage could be. After just one session my hip joints mobility is much better. Unfortunately my knee isn't apreciating this new flexibility. It's back to that state it was back in March. Still no running! Dang it.

#3 I have an job interview scheduled for next week.

#4 It's fresh apple season!!! Get some old varieties from your local farmers market and enjoy them. I do so.

There are more things, but I have some stuff to do today, so I stop here.

(Botanical Garden Leipzig)

Greetings from Leipzig, enjoy your weekends.


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