Monday, 2 August 2010

perfect job?


today was a really good day for me.

I looked for job offers and I found one that sounds perfect to me (cool project, lots of travel), I already asked for the contact and will write the application first thing tomorrow morning.

The next good thing, I finally got some songs from "Monkey Majik", which is a japanese music group. Their music is really fantastic, unfortunately japanese music is really hard to get in Germany. Don't know why, american music is everywhere, but's really annoying. No wonder that the record companies have problems, they don't do their job, which is to provide the music I like, when and how I like it. They deserve it to suffer.

(Yeah, I took this pic.)

Todays food diary is really crazy.
Breakfast: chocolate protein shake, a handful of mangetouts, black tea
Snack/Lunch: 7 sugar apricots (small sweet apricots, not apricots coated in sugar!)
Dinner: chocolate protein shake

This happened by accident, I lost track of time and suddenly it was evening and I still wasn't hungry, so to give my body some good stuff I drank another protein shake.

Hope your Monday was equally nice.



  1. Yeah, I know, boring comment but I'm kind of a boring commenter.

  2. COngrats on the job, if you need an assistant, let me know, I will even train you for a tri for free