Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Amazing, isn't she?

This is Cathy and she's 56. She's my new rolemodel fitness and body wise. I'd like to have a body like this in her age (or even now for that matter).

I found a first video of her and her family at Marksdailyapple.com, somehow I can't stop researching his site and as it looks I might end up buying his books. Good thing I still have an amazon gift coupon from my birthday.

Oh yeah I keep doing my burpees and planks and I finally have found the culprit for my tiredness, my inability to lose weight and to concentrate: low ferritin (iron storage). The range goes from 30 to 400, under 50 is problematic and full out trouble is under 30. (In Germany!) And now guess where my ferritin was in February this year? 31.6! I could've been already back at 200 or more if I had had the results black on white back then. But I only got those, when I got the results from my bloodwork a few weeks back and there I saw the mess yesterday, after I read an article on a german site and checked them. So right after finding out, I went to the pharmacy and got an iron supplement. Since it takes months to get the ferritin up, the feeling better might take some time. By the way, low ferritin also can be a cause for cold hands/feet and most of us ladies are too low on ferritin, because of the cycle and not eating enough meat (or nuts or eggs). The drinks with caffeine also prevent you from getting more iron, so don't take your iron supplement with coffee or black/green tea or cola.
So if you have any of my symptoms, go get your bloodwork done and ask your doc as to how much iron you need to supplement.

Okay, now I'm off to make my dinner: Plum-Salmon. Very paleo.


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