Monday, 11 October 2010

Furniture Design and good moving on the right path

with a little stumble last night, but that's alright.

95% of the time my new mindset works out just fine, so I dare say I'm on the right way. I'm optimistic that I'm currently making a slow but steady U-turn for the right direction. It takes some time and a lot of work and discipline, but eventually I'll succeed. (Even if Elliott gets me to eat waffles at three in the morning and sits in the corner pouting all through the day. He has a hard time, poor little teenage dragon. Time to grow up Elliott.)

So lets get to the sport. Today I have my last physio after that I'm on my own. But I started out with "Yoga" yesterday evening and this morning and it does help. As soon as I have my new job, I'll go to a yoga class, because working with a book isn't the best way for me. Until then it's "Yoga" on my own. I've also done 3 burpees on Saturday and 4 yesterday. And I've done the high plank for the last two days too.

Food wise, except for the waffles and some leftover potatoes at 3 this night, I stuck to my "new" food lifestyle pretty well and feel good. I've had a lot of trail mix, protein, fresh veggies and fruit. I'll stick to it. And as soon as I move out, I won't have the waffle trouble anymore, since I won't buy any bad food (the waffles are always bought by my mom).

Apropos moving out, I'll have a look at two studios this week and if all goes well I'll move into my own flat by the end of October, which would be fantastic, since I really really really need to get out of here.

Which brings me to the furniture design. A couple posts back I told you that I had designed my bed since I can't afford a prebuild one that I like. (4000,-€ is just too much.) On Friday my Dad and I went to the home improvement store and looked for wood and asked what they can do at the store. I showed them my bed design, which looks like this:

Unfortunately I had totally forgotten, that I need space under the bed for my storage boxes for the sheets, spare blankets and so on. Additionally they couldn't do the cutting out, my Dad doesn't have the necessary electric tools and I won't do it with hammer and chisel or give it to a carpenter.

So on Saturday I sat down and designed a new bed. This new one makes use of the wood the home improvement store sells, the service of cutting it to the right lengths and some stuff I can do in my parents basement without special tools. All I need are a drilling machine, screw driver, sand paper, brush and glaze. Well, and the time to build it. Here it is:

All in all, the whole designing took about 8 hours straight, since I also did several special drawings (with the overall measurements and the special drilling measurements) and building instructions. There are now 10 sheets filled with drawings, plans and bills of materials.

Because, if I wouldn't have it planned all out, I probably won't have a bed but modern art. What do I mean with that? Well, my dad and I build my jewellery holder without proper drawings and planning and now I have this:

Well, it does it's job and is one of kind. But I don't want it to happen to my bed!

I also designed my nightstand, though I didn't do the building plan and measurement drawings yet.

Okay, this is it for today. Weather is great around here, though pretty cold. Anyway.

Have a wonderful new week everyone.


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