Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Getting annoyed

with job search. It has been a year now and I feel like it's sucking the life out of me. I get annoyed with everything that happens and I sometimes just want to turn around and leave, but don't know where to go to.

My parents are no help, just salting the wounds and my friends can't help me either (because they are leaving town or having enough troubles with their own families and worklife).

I feel like my life has been put on hold and while I needed this stop last year, I'm fed up with it this year. I'm an engineer, I'm young, I'm fluent in 2 languages, I'm creative, I'm free to move and I still haven't found a job. It just plain SUCKS.


  1. I'm sorry :( I know so many people in the same situation over here. Some of them have finally found stuff after a very long time, while others are still looking. The most important thing to do though, is to not stop looking!

  2. You know, in your job search likely you'll find that the same traits that lead to success in endurance sports will also lead to a job. Patience and a stubborn determination to succeed. I think Mohandas Gandhi said "Strength does not come from physical capacity. It comes from indomitable will.