Wednesday, 13 October 2010

I'm exhausted

Seriously, I haven't been this exhausted for months. And all this because of some hours "on the road". I tell you, this low level of energy due to the ferritin deficiency sucks.

First Chris and I had a look at a flat, which turned out to be absolut crap. Then we drove back to the city and did our marathon program: Looking at the photography exhibition in the adult education center, then going to the japanese store (which is really cool by the way), then to an interior design shop, then to the museum for another photographic exhibition (nudes through 150 years of photography, don't get me started on the crappy modern pictures), then we went to several more department stores and to the shop of a hatter, who is lovely. All in all this took about seven hours and now "you can smoke me in a pipe", I'm totally and utterly exhausted.

For dinner I'll have chinese pear salmon with pine nuts. A variation of yesterdays plum salmon which was incredible. Since I'm so beat, I just couldn't help it and ate some chocolate waffles.

Hope you feel better than I do. I have another flat to check out tomorrow. Hopefully this one's alright.


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