Monday, 25 October 2010

A change of heart?

I've decided to rename my blog since I'm simply not inclined to struggle. Yes, I want to finish an Ironman and yes I definitely want to finish Ironman Hawaii. But I want to enjoy this whole journey. I want to have fun in training and at races. So here it goes, new blog name new approach.

You might know Crossfit, which is something I'm heavily drawn too, since the training changes daily. As you all know, I'm getting easily bored and distracted and so I think crossfit would be a perfect fit for me. Unfortunately, Crossfit has not reached Germany yet. So for the time being I'll use something else.

Today I crawled, made front and side planks (my arms were shaking like a jelly after a few seconds, no strength this girl ;-) and did some burpees. I enjoyed it. Well, I'll see what I'll do tomorrow.

Foodwise: I'm back with the paleo lifestyle and I feel better with it, hooray. I still suffer from my low ferritin. I hope it gets better with time, I just need patience, which is something as we all know I don't have.

Lastly, I stopped reading "Born to Run" altogether, since I just can't bring myself to read on. Therefore I say this book is crap, at least in my opinion.

I wish you all a good start in the new week.



  1. Love the name change. It's funny how one word can change something so much. Very empowering.

    You may be the first person who has said they don't like Born To Run. Interesting, what else besides the drug lords turned you off?

  2. Good question. Maybe because doesn't come to the point, it feels like ongoing yada, yada, yada. Could be his writing style (probably interpreters style). Not enough humor or my humor. I can't really pin it down, I just was bored and I don't want to read on.

  3. I know alot of people who just do the free workouts off of