Friday, 26 June 2009

Day 26: Newsflash

Okay, I'm still running. But I've got totally off track when it comes to food. I've gained about 2 pounds.

Anyway, I've joined the Hopenhagen - movement today. The goal is to show the representatives of the different countries taking part in the Copenhagen Climate Conference on December 7th that we want them to take immediate action. They represent us, so they have to follow our lead. And we say do something for our planet. Stop talking and do a whole lot of useful things!!!!

There is a facebook-group, join it. Join on the official website. Tell your friends about it, talk about it at work, at the gym, at the supermarket and anywhere you can think of. Write an email to your representative. Help the earth, it's the only home we've got.

My little reforestation project works out fine, I've got 7 (or 6, cause I've already gave one to a friend) seedlings. And I've also have already learned a few things. So it's time to prepare the second round.

Go run.

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