Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Challenge Day 3: 14 hrs aren't enough

So, I did my run right after breakfast (smoothie) and it wasn't a good run. My pulse was too high, my legs were heavy and it's freezing cold outside. And then the schoolkids had PE at the track, so I quit 1 lap early. Too bad.

Anyway, todays stats:

time: 28 min
in zone: 14:30 min
average heartrate: 148bpm

But there is also a bright side to this day. I've already met my weeks goal regarding my weight.

61 kg (134,48 lb), and it's only Wednesday! 

That's good news! Well, I stay with this goals, since it might be that I just ate or drank less. Let's see if I can hold this weight or get even under it. Next point is that the scale isn't that exact, so come Sunday I have my own scale and then it's the moment of truth. 

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  1. Na dann:
    Good luck and see you on the finish line somewhere / some time :-)