Monday, 1 June 2009

100 Day Challenge

When we went to the Moritzburg today, I've had a fabulous idea. Why not start a 100 Day Challenge as Bunny Berry did? She made it a Raw Food Challenge and I make it a running challenge. From today on I will run every single day for 100 days. Exceptions, me being really sick and my hiking days in Ireland at the end of August. The hiking days count fully, due to the distances, days missed due to illness I have to add at the end. Other than that no exceptions.

First day is today. I've actually had a bit of a hard time to go out running at 8 p.m., since I have sore muscles from the run yesterday. But I've decided to have this 100 Day Challenge, so I figured today was a good day to start since it's the first of a month. Though my time was not good, I think did well anyway.

Todays stats:

time: 27 min
in zone: 21:24 min
average heartrate: 142 bpm

I did about 3/4 of yesterdays running then I walked home slowly. But we've had a nice sunset to enjoy, so it was a nice walk home. Even though my legs where shaking a bit. I think I'll grant my muscles a protein shake now.

At every ten days point, I will give myself a treat, like a journal or a book. At the end of whole challenge, I will grant myself a new Polar training computer. It coincides with my birthday anyway, so it's nice to go a bit overboard.

The real feat for me is to stick with the challenge, since I have a certain pattern. Everytime something goes well I lose the focus, which leads me to failure. This happened a thousand times and it's making me mad, cause I don't reach my goals. Even though I know that I could reach them. So this whole challenge is about discipline for me, because I need to develop this discipline or I won't ever do a Ironman. Can't have that, so here I go.

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