Saturday, 6 June 2009

Day 6: Magnesia deficit and HOME project

To make it short I ran only about 15 min on the treadmill at my healthclub, since I couldn't get myself to run outside. Why only 15? Well, obviously my right calf wants magnesia, it was feeling like pre cramp the whole time I was at the club and is even now. So I only did 15 min. 

Afterwards I did 2 sets of lat pulldowns. They help me to losen my neck muscles, though it is an exercise for the middle of the back. Anyway, it helps so I don't fret.

Then I went to rowing machine and did 1000 meters in 6:48 min. I love the rowing machine, it helps losen up, not only physically but also mentally. Your mad at someone? Go rowing. It does wonders for your mood and your body. 

Anyway, I will drink some magnesia before I go to bed, until then I eat my watermelon and some more chocolate. And watch a dvd since there is nothing on tv. 

REALLY important. Go to youtube and watch the HOME movie its free for several more days and absolutely amazing. As soon as I find a reforesting project I like I will support it, until then I'll become a member of the WWF. 

HOME is right. It's too late to be a pessimist.  (Love that quote)

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