Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Challenge Day 2

Done it. Ran again and it was worse than yesterday. I suck at running, even snails are faster than me. But my muscles were less sore, so running helps. Weird thing. 

You know, when you do such things like this 100 Day Challenge or are just starting running, you look for goals. One of the goals is running a marathon. There are a lot of marathons in Germany, but I don't want to run them. I want to broaden my horizon, so I look for marathons in places I haven't been. I've never been to Boston and the Boston Marathon is really special. You have to qualify for it. Yesterday I looked up the charts with the qualifying times. Yikes. Those people are crazy. I'm 31, so if I want to start in Boston, I have to run 5k in 19:50 min. Guess what, that is the time I need for 2k! So there is no chance that you'll see me at the 2010 Boston Marathon and I don't think in 2011 either. 

Anyway, I've had a little revelation this morning. I was off track on the weekend regarding my diet. Damn it! Today I got back on track, I've had smoothie with lettuce and bananas for breakfast (+bee pollen, raw crushed chocolate beans, milk, goji berries, curd). It tasted surprisingly good. Over the day I ate fresh strawberries, an apple, a bit of beef, a yoghurt, some cheeze and I drank a chocolate protein shake after my run in the bathtub (can you say PERFECT?).

Todays run was slow and short (I ran to the track, did three laps and ran home). It was a evening run again (7:45 to 8:15 p.m.), but I will shift it to the early morning tomorrow, since I meet with a friend in the evening. Only 12 hours of recovery, will see how my body does. 

Okay, todays stats: 

time: 30 min
in zone: 24:53 min
average heartrate: 147 bpm

C ya tomorrow

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