Friday, 5 June 2009

New Shoes

Okay, I'm a girl so I like every excuse to get new shoes. And since there is my hiking vacation ahead I need a second pair of shoes for it. But I'm also lazy, so I didn't want to carry an extra pair of running shoes with me.

Easily solved. I bought a pair of trail running shoes. Asics Trabuco size 8 in US, size 39.5 in Europe and ugly like hell (pics this evening). I will test them on my run this evening. Will be interesting, to see how they feel on the different surfaces.

By the way, I LOVE the Leipziger Laufladen. They are always nice and help you, even if you have to test every shirt and the buy nothing, because they all looked or felt wrong. Even if you just come along once in a year they remember you. I stay with them, even if there is a running shop in the next town I move to.

Same with Tapir which is an outdoor store were I went first for my trail running shoes. They send me away, because they felt that they hadn't the rigth shoes for me. I stick with them to. In fact they had a really nice looking pair of shoes which I can't stop thinking about. Might as well go back today and buy this pair. Even if it's not exactly brainy, but hey I'm a girl, I practically breath for shoes. ;-) Think of Carrie Bradshaw but with sportsshoes.

C you in the evening.

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