Thursday, 4 June 2009

Day 4: Lovin' it

Hi there, Day 4 and still going strong! Yeah.

Okay, I'm still a snail and I just ran 1 lap more at the track but hey, no problems with motivation. 

Todays stats:

time: 33:30 min
in zone: 28:26 min
average heartrate: 154 bpm

This is much better than yesterday. 34 hrs of recovery time have done wonders, ran in the evening. My pulse hasn't gone through the roof when I put my running gear on and it stayed most of the time in my training zone, just under the threshold to the anaerob zone. Which is perfect when you ask Dr. Strunz. Yeah. Good day, good day. 

Okay, I have to do some whining too. As I told you, I went to see an old friend yesterday and we ate Dinner together. Well, Dinner was Pasta Bolognese. Well, I know most of you think now: Good for you. (It did taste good.) Because Pasta is runners favourite. But NOT mine! In fact I haven't eaten Pasta for months. I don't eat cereals, since I seem to be allergic to them. Afterwards tortilla chips and chocolate were served. Since I was invited I couldn't say no, could I. The end of it, nightmares, I mean literally I had some bad nightmares last night and I was tired until noon today.  Oh and remember yesterday I weighed 61 kg? Today it was 62 kg again! This SUCKS. 

And what really, absolutely pisses me off is that she laughed at me, when I told her my goal is to weigh 51 kg. You wanna know what is her reason for me to not get to this weight? My AGE. She's the same age as I am and she weighs about 57-59 kg, so that is all I could get down to. She doesn't even consider that I might have another benchmark than her. Yikes. It's a good thing I haven't told her about the 100 Day Challenge, otherwise she would have laughed and talked me out of it. Nonetheless I love her and I'm glad she's one of my friends. 

But yesterdays evening just showed me this: I definitely need new friends! Friends who are also triathletes and runners and can therefore relate to my goals and support me with their knowledge and some fun stories and might even train with me. So, yeah, as soon as I have my new job and moved I will become a member of a triathlon club. There is no club like this where I live and work now. So....

Okay, enough of the whining. I'll enjoy my chocolate iced donut now (yeah, I know it's bad for me, but I love it and I have eaten right the rest of the day) and a long hot bath with "The Alchemyst" (great book, if you like fantasy). 

Go for your dreams, make them true, only you can do it. 

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