Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Day 9: 's wonderful, 's marvellous

Yesterday, was the first time I trained in the rain. I just put my rainjacket on and ran for, well only ten minutes. But I can tell you it felt so much longer. Pulse was also really high with 153 bpm and that with only 10 slooow minutes. 

Anyway, today's training was so much better. Not only that I ran over 30 minutes again, I also did lat pulldowns and was 40 seconds faster at rowing, took me only 6:06 min to row 1000 m. Yeah.

So todays stats:

time: 31 min
in zone: 24:55 min
average heartrate: 141 bpm
km: 3.2

Another good thing happened today. A colleague of mine and me ordered seasons 2 and 3 of Dr. Who in Britain. Can't wait to watch them. I absolutely loooove Dr. Who and David Tennant is hot.

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