Friday, 5 June 2009

Challenge Day 5: First training advice and new shoes

Most of the day I was on my bike driving to and fro shops (good cross training but bad for my banking account ;-). I bought some trailrunning shoes (see previous post) and since I couldn't get these nice rock climbing shoes out of my mind I bought them too.

You could say I kept the balance one ugly and one nice pair, yin and yang. I even kept the balance in another way, I threw 3 old pairs (one of them was a New Balance ;-) away. No cluttering in my rooms anymore.

Here you'll see my ugly trail shoes:

And these are my lovely Einstiegsschuhe (you use them to walk from the car to the rock you want to climb. Don't ask me why you need special shoes for this, I just like their looks and they are really comfortable.):

Though the trail shoes are ugly as hell, they are quite comfortable and run well. I found that I had more control on the gravel before the track, which is a good thing. So maybe on Sunday I will take them on their first real trail, depends on the weather or if I just have time for the gym. I and you'll see.

On the track was a football club training and their coach even gave me a bit of advice. Obviously I move my upper body a bit to much, but it's hard to not move with the shoulders. Especially if you try to run through without getting into walking since it's not this demanding. Anyway I'll work on it.

Okay todays stats. Since I pushed the wrong button while running, the total time and in zone are guesses, heartrate is of the last 6 minutes. Sorry, better stats tomorrow.

time: approx 29 min
in zone: most of the time
average heartrate: 154 bpm

I ran about half an hour earlier than yesterday since I couldn't wait to get out there and test my new shoes (I'm such a girl;-)! I think, I'm getting into the drill of running daily. But we'll see how I do next week, when I'm back to work and starting to apply for a new job.

Enjoy your Friday evening, I have to get packing since I go back home by train tomorrow. 8 hrs of Deutsche Bahn! Do I need to say more? I will so need my evening run!
See ya.

Go for your dreams, make them true, only you can do it.

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