Saturday, 18 July 2009

Prioritisation and French Women

Hi there,

first I have to make a confession, secondly I have some conclusions/explanations for me and you.

Confession: Two days ago I quit my running challenge for now.

Explanation: Remember that I told you that I need to find a new job?! Well, I really need to, my contract runs out in exactly 3 months. And I found it increasingly hard to focus on two things in the last few weeks. So I've decided to postpone my challenge until I found a new job and moved to my new place, wherever that might be. Next thing is, I was cutting back on the time I ran constantly, so that in the last few days I only ran about 10 min a day. Which is absolut nonsense to think of as training. So, I will go to the gym only thrice a week, but do a little more stretching and eat in a french way.

Wondering about the eating comment? Well, I found the book of Mireille Guiliano. I will start reading it today. (I know what you think, she can make time for reading this book but not for running?! Thing is, I need to read in the evening, to get enough sleep. If I don't have something interesting to read, I watch TV or youtube-vids and that is keeping me up the half night. Which is bad for my teint. ;-)

Anyway, I think eating for pleasure is a good lifestyle, especially since the other way is no fun at all. And it brought me only more fat(the other lifestyle).
Last night I enjoyed a glass of wine with my dinner. And I enjoyed my dinner (Maultaschen) a lot more than usual. I've even enjoyed two of my favourite cookies without feeling guilty about it, because I didn't binge on them. So I started out liking this "new" lifestyle. We'll see how it works out in the long run.

And on the bookhomepage I found this nice quote:

French women are stubborn individuals and don't follow mass movements.

Which makes me like it even more.

My own lifemotto is:

The world is big and colourful.

Which is why I don't want to stay in the small town I live in now. I feel like I'm strangulated by it. I even enjoyed to stand in a traffic jam in Stuttgart last week and how sick is that?!!!

So, this is it for now. I'll keep you posted on my new lifestyle.

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