Sunday, 9 August 2009

Revelations of a different kind

Sundays are my pampering-myself-days. (I've started out only recently. No more tomboy for me, Audrey Hepburn here I come.) And this whole day is geared towards caring for myself. I do my hair, skin and so on. (Hey, I finally have the eyebrows I've always wanted. It took only 1 hour of plucking! ;-) It's all about feeling good about myself and my appearance. And the revelation for me is right here, because it makes me feel so much better while I'm doing it and afterwards, it's FUN!!!

I know what you think, what has that to do with me getting to the Ironman Hawaii?! Well, what I realized a few minutes ago is that, I wanted to do the whole training and Ironman thing to proof myself. To proof to myself and my family and my friends that I could do it. (Same thing with losing the excess weight, I'm still in the "normal" range though on the upper end of the spectrum. And the 100 Day Challenge.) Nothing wrong with that, you might say, BUT it took the fun out of it. I really struggled and thats not good for keeping things up. I have to enjoy training to go for it again and again and again...

What now, you might ask. Do I still want to do the Ironman? The answer is a definitive YES. But I want to do it for the fun of it, for the feeling when I take part on the public runs and competitions. For the runners high. I've experienced it once, it IS absolutely fantastic. But all this I want to enjoy. I don't want to punish myself with running, exactly 1 hour every day or every second day. I want to enjoy both the training and the challenge.

So. I will start out with training again when I'm ready. Right now my priority is finding a new job (it's harder than I thought) and getting that wintercoat from Desigual (and learning how to wear heels the whole day).

By the way in exactly two weeks from now I will hike in the west of Ireland. It's VACATION TIME!!! Finally.

So, enjoy your life.

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