Saturday, 3 July 2010

Maybe I found it

The reason for my tiredness in the afternoon.

Yesterday evening I read a really interesting article at about zinc and what happens when you don't get enough of it.

Zincs role in the body is tremendously important (it's part of more than 300 enzyme systems). Here are the distilled big bangs of this article in another order

1. Without enough zinc you are literally unhappy, because your body isn't abled to produce Serotonin out of Tryptophan (essential and the rarest aminoacid) which is the matter of your brain chemicals that makes you HAPPY.
Feeling a bit low lately? Might be missing zinc and tryptophan in your food. Let your trusted doc check your zinc level and if it isn't high, get your sorry a** to the next vitamin store and buy zinc.

2. Zinc is important for your skin. Bad skin condition? Might be that you are running low on zinc. See point one how to solve this.

3. and most importantly for me: "Zinc is important for a capable immune system. You'll notice an incapable immune system, when your body wants to fight a virus and simply can't. (...) Ie the Epstein-Barr-Virus (EBV), when you first get mysteriously more and more tired and later sink into a depression."

EBV is a virus most of us (98% of humanity) have and it belongs to the herpes family. Now, normally EBV lies low and if it flares up our immune system fights it down without us even noticing. (wikipedia) But for that your immune system has to be fit, meaning it gets all the essential nutrients in the needed amount and doesn't have to fight off other stuff. (Common sense, no?)

As it looks, it might be that my body was constantly fighting since last year and didn't get nearly enough zinc. This changes now! (well it started yesterday evening.)

Today I'll eat only fresh fruit, drink protein shakes and a lot of water too and I will take 60 mg of zinc. Over the last year I normally took 15mg per day, even though one apothecary told me that with allergies I could take 4 times as much. So for the next weeks I will take this higher amount and see if it changes something. And since I cut out cereals again, I hope my body will calm down and stop those darned inflammatory processes that bring out bad skin and so on.

MIND YOU I'M NO DOCTOR, so ask yours before you do anything rash.

Here's to zinc!!


PS: It's 11:30AM and we've already got 30°C - 86°F in the shadow. Ugh.

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  1. I found it interesting, thanks for taking the time to research it and write it up