Monday, 5 July 2010

Schools out for summer (update)


Okay, so this weekend we "enjoyed" temperatures of up to 100°F in the shadow which meant for me mainly one thing: Sleep. (I want to move to Scotland, they have about 50°F at the moment!!!!)

(Me on the big ride (50k) a few weeks back. Chris took this picture.)

While I stuck with my plan of taking in high amounts of zinc and water, I didn't stick with my healthy eating plan. On Saturday I subsisted on icecream. Yesterday was slightly better, since I had run out of icecream and couldn't be bothered to go to the icecream parlor. But Chris and I went for an easy ride around the Markkleeberger See in the evening (ca. 20k). And I walked 7 k today and will drive them too.

Today is my first day off. Friday was finally my last day of my project management class (Thank gawd this is over). Meaning today I could sleep in. Well I slept in until 9 because it's Auroras big day. Repair day that is. Finally the gear shift will be fixed. I'll pick her up in about an hour, we'll see what this has done to this months tri budget. (Update: Aurora gear shift is finally working again. And even better most of my tri budget is still there, repair only cost me 20 bucks. YEAH. Meaning my new Helmet is probably due for September 2010. Strike.)

For todays lunch I made a variation of my PURE BLISS PESTO, instead of the pear I used strawberries. Yummy. Tonight I make myself some nice springrolls with the leftover pesto.


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  1. Good to hear your bike is back and working, go have some fun now.