Thursday, 1 July 2010

What do you think?

Okay, I've put the same picture in 5 versions up for discussion on my photography blog. I'd love to know what you think about them, so please have a look.

This week is all about jobsearch and STARBUCKS Java Chip Frappucino. Jobsearch is going well, I send out 3 applications yesterday and will work on 3 more today. But it is really crazy because before I got into Steinbeis there were no interesting and fitting jobs and now they are popping up all over the place. And I'm lacking behind in writing the applications.
Never had this problem before. Funny.
However in celebration of getting into this program and sending off 3 apps on a day I granted myself 2 new pairs of earrings. Yes!

Unfortunately because of this time lack I've prioritized job over sport, so no training until Saturday.

STARBUCKS loves me now, I'm their new best customer! I've bought 3 beverages yesterday alone. And you know what is really funny? I drink the Frappucino with coffee!!! I normally don't trink coffee, but this stuff is addicting. I trank 2 yesterday one tall and one venti. Totally wild!!!

Okay, gotta go, gotta write test and then prepare some more applications.

oh yes, nearly forgot it, this months elle uk horoscope for me:

"You got to say “Hallelujah!” last fall when Saturn left Virgo after about two years of constant life-lessons. But then, in a sneak attack, Big Daddy Saturn returned to your sign again last April, just to seal the deal and make sure you got everything down perfectly. Now you’ve really aced the test, lovely Virgo, and he will be releasing you back to your own formal bond on 21 July. That’s right, babe – Saturn is truly leaving you now and won’t be back in your sign for another thirty years. Break out the Prosecco, and pour yourself a celebratory drink. But before you do, consider the intense effects of the Solar Eclipse in Cancer falling in your house of socialising, goals and wishes. If a major change suddenly develops in one (or several) of your friendships, embrace it rather than fight with it. This series of eclipses is working on balancing your relationship to the group versus your own creative spirit. It may be time to strike out on your own, or find a tribe that is more closely aligned with your true values. The real story will unfold during the next six months, but observe signs of change now, and take notes."

This month and the next months are getting more and more interesting. ;D I could certainly do with some new real life friends that have the same interests, like triathlon and career as opposed to family and kids. I'm really excited or is this the big frappucino talking? ;P


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  1. I liked the pictures

    I am surprised your not bouncing off the walls with all that caffenine.