Monday, 12 July 2010

Back from my Mini-Vacation

Yes, I've been on a mini-vacation. I started out Wednesday and am back this morning.

You wondering where I went?


I holed myself in at home in my room and watched asian dramas galore. I only went out to buy an icecream. No training? Nope. Meeting with friends? Nope. Writing emails to friends? Nope. All I did was hiding from the heat (100°F) and watching various japanese dramas. Crazy? Yes.

Today I'm back in my new life. I started out with checking my weight, which I hadn't done for weeks, I'm down to 62,3 kg = 137,34 lbs. Another little success. The last few days I didn't eat any cereals. Seems like cereals really are the culprit of my high bodyfat. And Friday was the last day I ate something warm, I simply can't stand the idea of eating warm in this heat. So this might be another reason, combined with my high water and zinc intake. Oh well, whatever the reason is, I like the outcome. Especially since I'm not sleepy anymore. (Yawn)

Just for giggles, yesterdays Mampf Diary:
Breakfast (2PM): chocolate protein shake (fully awake)
Lunch (6PM): watermelon (fully awake afterwards and this stuff is sooo tasty)
Dinner (10PM): 1 apple and sugared strawberries with milk (fully awake)

Next step is getting rid of the papermountains on my desk. I can't think straight with this mess surrounding me. And I need a clear head for my applications. When I stick to my plan, I write 5 applications this week. Which means a new pair of earrings by tomorrow. (I know I could put this money into my tri account instead, but there is this really nice pair of earrings ;-)

Tonight, when it finally cools down a bit, I'll take Aurora for a ride. Until then: it's work and maybe some light reading, because as soon as I would start watching another drama, I'd do nothing else until 4 AM in the morning. (I've done so the last few days, therefore I know what I'm talking about.)

One word to the idea of making a end of season Sprint-Tri. I've looked into it and there is not one sprint tri in September near me. So getting to one (Austria) would go above and beyond my budget. So for this year, I stick with my main goal building a base/getting my body and dragon used to a regular workout (come rain or come shine) and getting rid of the useless bodyfat.

So this is it for today. I hope you all had a wonderful weekend.



  1. Ok, now start looking for an early season race in the spring, mostly likely can find one that is a pool swim, making it a little easier and have some fun

  2. Ditto Big Daddy. Also, nice little vacation.