Wednesday, 7 July 2010

First tiny success: a nightmare free night!

Good morning.

I've had a nightmare free night after my cool dinner salad last night. Wohoo.

So I thought I get back on the Mampf Diary (food diary), just to see if the food I eat is good for me or not.

Yesterdays Mampf Diary:
Breakfast: chocolate protein shake (fully awake afterwards and no more food for hours = good for me)
Lunch: 4 of my springrolls made of ricepaper, lentils, my pesto, kaki and bell pepper (I sank to my bed right afterwards and when I slept I had a nightmare = bad for me)
snack: some cheese, water melon, cherries (yummi and no immediate tiredness = good for me)
dinner: Chicken-Sauerkraut-Salad with red currants, rest of the apple, two golden kiwis (good nights sleep without any nightmares = good for me)
All over the day 2 litres of water and 60 mg of zinc = good for me.

Now I'm off to write my applications.

What kind of food makes you tired?



  1. Your food diary is a great idea-I bet you could extend it to see what effects it has on your exercise as well. Come to think of it, I should do that. You eat very healthfully-I would love to sample one of your meals!