Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Taste Bud Adventures - Are you brave enough for this?

Chicken-Sauerkraut-Salad with Red Currants

After I had several nightmares (I literally get nightmares when I overeat, particularly on cereals.) I've decided to get back to my Stone Age Diet, since this was the best way of eating for my body. So no more cereals. (I love my goats cheese, you can't take that away from me!!! And nobody comes between me and my chocolate, except if you have a deathwish.)

And since I wanted to do something good for my intestines I've decided dinner would have Sauerkraut in it. It's really healthy, as long as you take the real stuff without sugar and other additives. (Yes, there is Sauerkraut with sugar!) Now, in Germany you usually eat Sauerkraut with Bratwurst (sausage) and mashed potatoes, in which case the Sauerkraut is cooked. Since this wasn't an option for me, nothing cooked in the evening for me. So instead I came up with this Chicken-Sauerkraut-Salad with Red Currants.

The taste is, mmmh, how to say it, unusual. You have to like fresh Sauerkraut and red currants (which are quite sour) to like this salad.


(amounts depending on your hunger):
fresh Sauerkraut (I took some that came in a bag, the rest is sealed in a box in the fridge. I have to come up with something else with Sauerkraut for tomorrow evening.)
Grilled Chicken drumsticks (I've had two, which I had bought at the Grill in our big supermarket.)
Apple (Braeburn)
Cherry tomatoes (a big one)
fresh Red Currants (What? I should have counted them for you?!)

(Careful, rocket science ahead):

1. Grab a bowl and fill it with as much Sauerkraut you like.

2. Wash and cut the apple and tomato to little cubes and add them to the Sauerkraut.

3. Tear the meat of the drumsticks (With your hands! Who said you can eat it now?! Well then off you are to buy some new grilled chicken drumsticks.) and add it to the Sauerkraut, apple and tomato.

4. Wash the red currants and take them off carefully from their twigs (right word?) and put them in the bowl where all the other yummy ingredients are waiting.

5. Take a spoon and stir carefully, you don't want to smash your currants. (It doesn't look that nice and you want a nice looking salad, right? I SAID "RIGHT"? No? Well take a good look at the next picture and tell me that you don't like to eat this. AND THINK before you ANSWER!)

6. Enjoy. ;-)



  1. "Are you brave enough for this?"

    Ummmm, now I am scared to try it

    Go Germany!!