Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Taste Bud Adventures - Chicken Stick and Summer Salad

Still hiding from the heat and the real world. Since it has been more than one week, but I did nothing exciting (does clothes shopping count in triathlon as exciting?), I've decided to give you another yummy recipe.

This is one of my spur of the moment recipes. My mom bought chicken sticks at our butcher. Since I have no love for cauliflower (which my mom made for herself after I declined to eat it), I needed to come up with something that I like. Well, as you can see in the first picture cauliflower plus chicken stick equals pure boredom (to me). Though it's way healthier than pizza or pasta, if it only would look more interesting and tastier...

So I took a good look at the stuff in the fridge and came up with this:
Chicken Stick on a bed of Summer Salad!

Looking good, huh?

(amounts matching your personal taste and hunger)
Chicken Stick (ours was from the butcher and made of chicken and pineapple pieces, but you can make them yourself pretty easily)
Rocket Salad
Fresh Strawberries
Cherry Tomatoes
Pumpkin Seed Oil
Aceto Balsomico Cream

1. Barbecue or roast the chicken stick.
2. While it does, wash your rocket salad and arrange it on your plate.
3. Wash the tomatoes and strawberries. Cut them and arrange them on your rocket salat. Make sure to leave some space for the stick.
4. Put the stick on your plate on the salad.
5. Dribble the oil and balsamico cream over your salad. Done.


I did some core strength drills and Chris and I went on our usual Sunday ride. Today I sent out another application. I think I overate chocolate pudding (funnily this stuff doesn't make me tired. But bread does and it makes my skin really itchy.)

Hello to my new reader Muffin! It's really funny that you chose this name. Since Muffin is one of my old nicknames. Another old nickname (back in High School) was "Sandwitch", yes the "t" is right there. My friends even gave me a necklace with this nickname. I don't have it anymore.

Chris and I will probably go on another ride tomorrow evening and it's about time for my monthly swim.

Have a cool week, good training and successful racedays. (Before I look for spring tris; I have to get a job. )



  1. OMG - that chicken and salad look AWESOME! :) :) :)

    I agree on the American beer...the mass produced budweiser and miller - yuck. But there are lots of smaller microbreweries that I love.... but European (and Japanese!) beer is AWESOME. I especially love Belgian golds...mmmm. I'll think of you now when we're looking at Jeeps! Ha!!

  2. It looks very nice, but I'm hardly a good judge. I only look at food enough to be sure it isn't sneaking away from me and track which bit of stuff gets stabbed with the fork next.

  3. I am now hungry now!!!

    BTW I like the new look