Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Swing is even better than Rock for running!

Good morning.

I'm just back from my run. I ran with swing, since I've got swing-fever. ;-) And I really enjoyed it this way. The rhythm is better suited for running and the lyrics are funny, so instead of going ever faster to get it over with(no, I don't really enjoy the runs at the moment) I like to hear the stories. It's fun this way.

Anyway, here are todays stats:
running time: 11:30 min (the route was about 400 m longer)
in zone: 6:17 min (much better than monday)
ave heartrate: 162 bpm (needs no comment)

I did have some pain in my left shoulder, which means I have to move it more often and drink some magnesium. Other than that, no problems so far and no sore leg muscles.

Have fun.

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