Sunday, 18 October 2009

Back on track? We'll see.

Okay, since it's been a while let's start with my stats:

Weight: 65,1 kg
Training today: 10 squats and some serious decluttering (Who dumped all his paper in my room?!)

Yeah, I know what you think, I didn't do too well these last few weeks. The last two kilos I've gained (within 2 days, go figure), are due to a change in medication (less Thyroxin? Bad decision. ). Now I have even more fat to burn, isn't it fantastic?! Thanks so much doc.

Whatsoever, I took some reading to heart and I'm starting over again. I've set myself some interesting and encouraging goals, which I will share with you as soon as I've reached them. New approach, since the old one didn't work.

Found some nice "running" music: Allister "Last stop suburbia"
Punk runs, I mean, rocks!

See ya tomorrow with more news on my way back to the triathlon/marathon track.

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