Saturday, 10 September 2011

Good news

Where to start?

Okay here it goes:

1. I finally cracked the magical number of 130 lbs or 59 kg on my scale today, 129.4 lbs or 58.7 kg. Wohoooo. Losing this stuff on the scale is getting on slowly for me. However I can really see the changes in my body composition, now almost all of my clothes fit beautifully. Which is fantastic since it means that I don't have to buy new clothes in the next few months.

2. I finally stick to the primal/paleo lifestyle 99% of the time and if I slide I get back on track with the next step. I slided at Monday, after a hard and long day at work I needed comfort food. Or so I thought and had New York style cheese cake at my local starbucks. Yuk. As much as I love Starbucks, the cheese cake was awful and I ate only half of it. Yeah, I should have stopped after the first bite, but I was starving...

3. I will go on a holiday with my parents to Austria (note: little country in the south of Germany.) Believe me I'm more than in need of a little holiday and air change now.

4. I'm free again. Yep, I'm back on the market for an awesome new job and I'm confident that I will find it soon. I've learned a lot during the last two months and I'm glad about it. This way I know what I have to watch out for in my next job.

5. I love my yoga class and will definitely keep it up. My body certainly enjoys it.

6. I just did 10 push-ups.

7. I discovered Macadamia nuts for me. I love them. When it comes to food I don't stock up(because then I have to throw away half of it, quite often), the macadamia nuts are the exception to the rule.

8. Did I mention that I look and feel fantastic right now?

9. My very own trademark was registered yesterday. Talk about a coincidence, since it was the day I was set free. Hahahah. XD

On the other end of the spectrum, I haven't started with swimtraining. :( Somehow there seems to be a roadblock before that. I don't know why.

That's it from me, I wish all of you a wonderful weekend and fantastic races and training sessions.


PS: I'll start with reading "Going Long" by Joe Friel today.

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  1. Congratulations on the breakthrough! So excited things are going well :) The one and only time I went to Europe, we drove through Germany and Austria as part of our trip to get to an even tinier country... Liechtenstein. (that is where my grandparents are from.). Hope you have a nice vacation!