Sunday, 21 August 2011

Finally back in training

and therefore back to this blog.

I've got tons of news for you. Yes, I've still got my new job and I plan on keeping it. At the moment it is a bit taxing, but in about 3 weeks everything will be steady.

Okay, back to the reason for this blog: triathlon training.

On Tuesday I started with Iyengar yoga in Leipzig's Yogaraum and surprisingly I liked it. I've attended a Hatha Yoga class years ago and I really disliked it. So, I was a bit nervous when I went to my first class this week. However, it couldn't have come at a better time, my muscles were all tight when I went to class.
Iyengar yoga is the sporty variaton of yoga and uses things like plankets and pillows to help the beginners to get into the correct positions without hurting oneself. It builds up the needed strength slowly. It's simply perfect for me. When I left after the class, my muscles were relaxed and I felt fine for the first time in months. Needless to say I will keep Iyengar yoga up. I also like my teacher, she's really nice.

Today I'll also send out my membership form for Leipzigs sport club, the swimmers division. I'll start with swim training in September, as I have already told you. And I'm horribly excited about it. ;-)

I will also try out wakeboarding in the next few weeks. Wohoo.

Even more fun, two of my new "colleagues"* are triathletes too, so I finally have some people around me to chat about triathlon in person, which is really exciting for me.

Foodwise I ran into a bit of trouble during the last weeks, due to my new job. But I'm getting back on track now and will use some new strategies.

My bike gives me a lot of trouble these days. Culprit is the gear shift, again. So at the moment I'm pondering the question to which bike shop I should bring it for repair, since the BDO didn't get it under control the last three times, in fact it got worse. As a matter of fact the chain got of the gearwheel several times, which it didn't until this year. To say I'm annoyed doesn't cut it. A new bike is planned for April 2012, but not earlier. So another bike shop for repair it is.

Well, that's it. I wish all of you a wonderful new week, full of fantastic training sessions and good luck for your races this week.


*technically they belong to another company.

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  1. Great job - you are back in business!!! Glad to hear the job is going well and you are getting so active!