Saturday, 1 October 2011

Moving onwards

I'm not sure how to write this post. Oh well, let's start at the beginning, shall we?

When I began with blogging two years ago, it was this blog and I thought that blogs have to be build around a certain topic. So since I have multiple interests, I've started out with other blogs for those other interests over time. First style, then photography, then style again, then a syndicated photography blog with a friend and lastly a blog for drawings/art. So this lead up to having a staggering number of 5 blogs.

Over the last two years I have changed a lot in all areas of life. I guess you could say I have grown up.

Now, as I'm starting with my own thing, I have decided to focus my time and efforts in the blog and real world. I finally have a goal that I work forward to, one that combines all parts of my life and that is actually palpable. Before that my life was a guessing game. Looking back, I'd say this was my problem: that I hadn't found my goal.
It certainly makes everything a lot easier to know what I want. I still stray from my path, but since I know my goal I always switch back into the goal direction using the detours to broaden my knowledge and gain inspiration.

Due to starting my own thing and the change in my believes I'm concentrating from now on my efforts in blogland and the real world on "San's Visual Art". Don't get me wrong, the Ironman Hawaii is still on my goal list (as are my new bike and a half-marathon for next year), but I will blog about it from now on at San's Visual Art, as about everything else.

So if you want to and haven't already I sincerely invite you to come on over to San's Visual Art. I'd love that. Not interested anymore? Then I sincerely thank you for reading this blog, supporting me and wish you and your loved ones a wonderful and amazing life, great training sessions and fantastic and most importantly injury free races.

Thank you all for your patience and reading and commenting,


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