Sunday, 16 August 2015

First training session in 3 or more years


Time: 1 h 9 min
Pace: brisk walking
Route: Park + Cross training trail
Weather: 17° C, light drizzling rain


I've decided yesterday to restart my triathlon training. I've been pondering my lack of training and my shape for a few days prior to this due to a weird episode of having a good look at myself in the mirror. 

Have you ever experienced this? You see yourself in the mirror and suddenly it hits you that the person looking back at you is in fact YOU. But you haven't seen yourself as this kind of person in your mind, ever? Well, I've had this run-in with myself and reality this week. I wasn't happy about it. At all. 

So, yesterday I've decided to finally use the perfect training conditions that the universe so graciously gave to me. I bought new running tights, since my old ones (size M) were to small. I needed to buy XL*sigh*.   

Today I rummaged around for my Polar running watch which still works after 10 years (yes, batteries have been replaced). I put on my trusted  trail running shoes, which have been with me to Ireland in 2009 and went out for my first training walk in years. 

The whole time I thought about this blog and what I would write. So, I'm back to my old behavior, since this is what I did back then. ;-) And it feels quite good. 

There aren't any races planned so far. For now I just want to get back into a training routine and get rid of some (read "a lot") body fat. In any case on vacation I saw that there is also a triathlon at Rügen every year. So maybe in a few years I'll compete there. We'll see. 

Keep moving forward.  

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